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Buy hand saws, glue guns and more from Oodles Trading

At Oodles Trading, we supply and deliver more than just flooring products. Based in Wiltshire, we stock hand saws, glue guns and a variety of miscellaneous tools and accessories necessary for finishing flooring projects. Offering expert advice, we’re able to ensure that you’re equipped with the tools necessary to complete any project successfully. For quality hand saws, glue guns and tools delivered across the United Kingdom, shop online with Oodles Trading.

[icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-truck” icon_hover=”no” title=”” title_tag=”h4″ title_uppercase=”no” display_button=”no”]Fast Delivery: We get your tools to you fast so you can get working.[/icon_box]
[icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-credit-card” icon_hover=”no” title=”” title_tag=”h4″ title_uppercase=”no” display_button=”no”]Secure Payment: Pay with confidence backed by high level security and encryption.[/icon_box]
[icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-speech-streamline-talk-user” icon_hover=”no” title=”” title_tag=”h4″ title_uppercase=”no” display_button=”no”]Ask for Advice: Need help from an expert? We’re here to ensure you choose the right tools for any job.[/icon_box]
[icon_box icon_name=”pixicon-location-3″ icon_hover=”no” title=”” title_tag=”h4″ title_uppercase=”no” display_button=”no”]Cover a Large Target Area: Our quality tools are delivered right across the United Kingdom.[/icon_box]

For expert advice on surface preparation tools, email us at

Unsure of the best tool for the job? We’re here to help.

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